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Vicious Children is an online media publication. It features writing, ideas and reviews about music. We’re predominantly based in Melbourne, but cover events and music released globally.

We support local Australian talent – musicians, photographers, producers, music critics, writers, whatever. Vicious Children focuses on exposing emerging musicians and following current artists, engaging our audience with the aforementioned talent, quality music reviews and interviews.

We believe in promoting and supporting musicians and working with like-minded people, artists and businesses.


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Interested in being art of the team? We have been so fortunate with every opportunity that has come our way. In saying this, the workload is piling up and we are looking for some new crew members. If you are a writer, photographer or interested in working in publicity/event management, wanna hit us up?

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Photo credit to Jess, Bad Teeth Zine (http://badteethzine.tumblr.com). Photograph of Havitijaat performing at Essendon, 2014.