Come Together, Write Now

Kanye walks. Paul show him the way, so the devil don’t break him down.

Paul McCartney is back at it, providing the ever-so-simple yet hypnotising guitar tune for FourFiveSeconds. McCartney joins two of today’s biggest stars, Rihanna and, self-proclaimed genius (fuckin’ right if you ask me), Kanye West. I’ve had this song on repeat for 4 or 5 days now and no signs of my love fading. This stripped back acoustic ballad shows a step in a different direction for Yeezy and Ri-Ri, and echoes McCartney’s earlier work.

Then you have Only One, another Kanye-McCartney lovechild, which has a classic McCartney piano accompaniment to Kanye’s emotonionally raw, albeit auto-tuned, performance. Outstanding. Combine the two and you have the sudden, dawning realisation that this could be the start of something beautiful.

One is a 37 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. The other is a 72 year old rocker from Liverpool, England. Their worlds seem so vastly different, yet combined they create such harmony that God herself wouldn’t dare to recreate.

Dare I stroke his ego, but Kanye has to be regarded as one of the best songwriters/producers of the modern day. Beginning his journey with College Dropout (my personal favourite) and giving us the timeless masterpiece My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he has continued to not only produce amazing music, but he keeps evolving, experimenting and setting new trends.

To combine such a legend enriched in our musical history (if you need explaining who Paul McCartney is, then you can suck me beautiful), with a visionary of the modern game is surely too good an opportunity to pass up. So really, this is a call out to some kind of divine power (that can also be you, Kanye). Make this dream a reality. I watched the throne when he collaborated with Jay-Z but I’m seeing an imminent takeover and it’s glorious.

Let’s have a toast for these douchebags legends.

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