Putting a Swift end to all this nonsense: Tom Pittas vs. Triple J “hipsters”

Tom Pittas chimes in on the T-Swizzy vs. Triple J debate. And you may not like what he has to say.

It’s the eve of Australia Day. You can feel the excitement in the air as people prepare their worn out Havaianas, cheap Woolies sausages and sponge-applicable tattoos. Along with this, Triple J gets ready to overtake the airwaves and provide Australia with another great reason to listen to independent radio. But something threatens to tangle the beards of thousands of hipsters, and I fucking love it.

Thanks to BuzzFeed, Taylor Swift has been gaining momentum in Triple J’s Hottest 100, but that all seems to have come to a halt. KFC have run an unendorsed campaign that mentions Taylor Swift and the Hottest 100, but doesn’t actually call on customers to vote for her.

So what has happened?

Essentially, if T-Swizzy has received enough votes to crack into the Top 100 and is disqualified, it merely indicates that Triple J have caved to the thousands and thousands of butt-hurt listeners whinging on social media. But there’s one insidious problem there, this would then disqualify Triple J from calling itself ‘The World’s Biggest Musical Democracy’.

I’m not saying it’s not important for ‘Triple J acts’ to get the spots they deserve, but when Macklemore, Daft Punk and Cee-Lo Green can all be eligible for the coveted prize, is it not only fair that Swifty gets her chance? She’s a songwriter, and a talented one at that. Cee-Lo’s Fuck You was written by Bruno Mars, and it still cracked the Top 10. So what does TayTay have to do to get the same recognition?

Live up to your own tagline, or change it to ‘Triple J’s Elitist 100’. I guarantee most of you are probably going to hate me now, guess I’m gonna have to shake, shake, shake it off.

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