Glass Animals | Live at HiFi Bar

January 10th, 2015 | HiFi Bar

I have to make a disclaimer before I start this review. I love this band. I love them a lot. In my eyes, they can do no wrong and they are amazing and did I mention that I love them? Well, I have now.

So, now that I’ve said that, let me tell you what a wonderful fabulous fun time I had at their Falls sideshow. The four lads from Oxfordshire came out with all guns blazing and their fantastic brand of exotic glitchy beats and smooth vocals to a sold out crowd at Melbourne’s HiFi Bar. Having seen the guys a week and a half earlier at Field Day in Sydney, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from them. However, watching them in their own headline show with crowds that had come just for them was something else.

There were palm trees all over the stage. Lead singer Dave Bayley’s excellent dance moves (think Peter Garrett multiplied by a cool factor of 1000) speak to me deeply as I dance exactly the same way when I’m alone in my lounge room or my car. He jumped and climbed all over the stage and down to the front row multiple times. His connection with the beats and grooves of the music provide a really fun focus for the crowd and are really encouraging for everyone to dance like maniacs.

Opening with Black Mambo, the band treated the crowd with the majority of the tracks from the debut, including excellent singles Hazey, Psylla and the smoothest of all (and my favourite song of 2014) Gooey. A rendition of the slower, more floaty Cocoa Hooves was introduced as “a song you would play in a mellow sitting room if it were in the jungle” by Bayley. It makes complete sense. There were many demands from the crowd for the Like A Version cover of Kanye West’s Love Lockdown that Glass Animals had performed when they were last in the country in May. This formed part of their two song encore and was simply incredible.

I think that these guys could make just about anything sexy, but this cover is ridiculously good. The show ended with the really fun and upbeat single Pools and I left with the biggest grin on my face, and even more in love with every member of the band (I feel like I made a lot of eye contact with keyboardist Drew McFarlane, though I don’t think he could actually see me. Regardless, I am expecting a marriage proposal any day now).

I caught this band at the Ding Dong Lounge in May last year, before they’d released their brilliant debut album Zaba. The growth in this band from a solid year or so of touring is really noticeable and very impressive. They’ve become so much more confident and comfortable in their stage presence. They don’t hide behind their instruments, and they know how to entertain a crowd. Girls were screaming at every hip thrust from Bayley or each time McFarlane and Ed Irwin-Singer came out from behind their keyboards like they were The Beatles. Seriously. All Bayley had to say was “Thanks” and it was like your eardrums were going to explode. Having a crowd wrapped around your little finger like that is a mastery of its own and a sure sign that these guys are going to take over the world. All I know is that I don’t plan on missing out on seeing them whenever they’re next in a town near me, and I highly recommend that you don’t either.

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