Iron & Wine | Live at the Forum

22nd April, 2014 | Forum Theatre

Samuel Beam, Texan based, indie folk singer-songwriter of band Iron & Wine, was humble, gentle and softly spoken. The man epitomised the spirit of his band: gentle, courteous yet cheeky, and never bashful. He donned a great beard, a characteristic that could be considered a strict requirement if you front an indie folk band. Pervasive to the entire set was his warmth. And each song, warm-hearted and and sometimes too sentimental, paints a view of the world as too indefinite and arcane. Case in point, Beam’s live Boy With A Coin, a story of about the loss of innocence in an uncertain world.

Even without a heavy beat, the band still manages to assert its presence. During the middle of the set, Beam took to the stage to perform an acoustic segment. A particular of the part, as well as the entire show, was a cover of The Postal Service’s Such Great Heights, was a testament to their tenderness. The vocals, resounding across the Forum, left a dreamlike ambiance.

Other personal favourites also include Peace Beneath The City, Boy With A Coin and Fever Dream. Fever Dream was sung to a hushed audience. Try listening to lyrics “Some days, like rain on the doorstep / She’ll cover me” and not resisting the urge to sigh heavily. And similarly, you could hear nothing but the quietest of sighs during their encore song, an instrument-free version of their most known tune, Flightless Bird, American Mouth.

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