Klo | Live at Boney

September 5th, 2014 | Boney

There’s nothing like discovering a new musical act; particularly one that resonates so well. The week prior to this gig, I had not one clue who Klo were. That is, until I was introduced to them by a friend who merely said, “Listen to these guys. If you like them, they’re doing a debut show at Boney next week. If you dig them, come.” So I listened to the first track – dug it. Listened to the next track – dug that too. I was hooked.

“You know the band I’lls, yeah? This is Simon’s side-project with his cousin,” my friend explained. To which I eagerly replied with, “Affiliated with I’lls? Hell, fuck yeah.”

Considering the newness of the act, the audience volume at Boney was one that I was not to expect. The crowd were sardines… Sweaty sardines drenched in sweat on an otherwise chilly Melbourne Friday night. People were excited for this act, and the acts that were to take the stage as supports – Electric Sea Spider and S I L E N T J A Y.

Despite having a name that almost seems derived from an acid trip, Electric Sea Spider brought some layered funk-electronic vibes to the decks at Boney. Following him, S I L E N T J A Y took to the stage, incorporating both his producing work, as well as his solo vocal work which did happen to incorporate some Usher baby-making rnb vibes, nomsayin’?

It may have technically been Klo‘s debut live performance, but had you not have been told, then you wouldn’t have been able to tell. Cousins of Klo, Chloe and Simon, brought their multi-faceted talents together to bring their recordings to a main stage, absolutely killing it as the entire crowd was immersed in their efforts. No sweat-soaked backs affected anyone’s mood.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Klo.

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