The Minnesota Voodoo Men | Live at The LuWow

The best way to describe their music is visualising surf rock blended with 60s beat… but chewed up and spat out by Link Wray. There is a strong timeless feel to their sound.

With matching suits the band took to the stage in style as they jumped around and chugged beers with insane energy. A mix of originals and covers were presented with flair. Tracks from album Shake Your Mind and the Don’t Come Around EP were thrashed out.

The band gelled well and had a powerful stage presence, which made their retro brand of music extremely enjoyable. Previously they have played with The 5 6 7 8s, which shows. It was a night which felt like a tropical island themed Tarantino fantasy.

Highlights of the performance included a rendition of classic track Tequila by The Champs, with the added twist of members of the audience being ushered on stage for a shot of the titular spirit. Roles were reversed as the guitarist Fabian and bass player Ringo strutted into the crowd and had members of the audience jump on stage for a boogie.

Opening acts The Reprobettes and The Rebelles deserve an honourable mention. Local five piece band The Reprobettes started the night off with a selection of upbeat originals, with The Rebelles following shortly after with a sugary and fun set… performed by all 19 of them.

The acts seemed to get along well, at one point Shannon from The Reprobettes was handed a guitar by the Voodoo Men and made an honorary Voodoo Person.

The night drew to a close with the words “arigato, ari-fucking-gato” bouncing around the room. Be sure to check out the insanity of The Minnesota Voodoo Men should they grace our shores again.

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