World’s End Press | Live At Howler

December 5th, 2014 | Howler

The last time I had seen Worlds End Press play live was four years ago when I watched them support Delphic at The Corner Hotel in Richmond. Basically, I was a huge Delphic fan at the time and even then I was ready to actually leave the venue after World’s End Press’ energetic performance. I was completely satisfied with what they had just brought to the musical table and even though I didn’t know their music, nothing stopped me from burning a hole on the dance floor. Four years on at Howler was an exact repeat, but this time it was their show in front of their overly-excited crowd, who were basically foaming at the mouth to hear them play.


After just having a 50+ hour working week, the thought of watching Melbourne locals World’s End Press in what I would definitely say is one of my favourite small band venues in Melbourne, brought a sense of joy and wonder to my life that had been destroyed from working retail in December. Howler’s space is warm, inviting, artistically designed and expensive looking, and unlike other venues actually doesn’t smell like piss. Combine this with a pretty good selection of drinks at the bar and some tropical seating and I was having a good time before they even got up on stage, thanks to DJs Misty Nights and Speed Painters.

Now before I precede to discuss how great World’s End Press actually were, I just want to bow down my head and take a minute of silence to acknowledge how bloody brilliant the sound techs at Howler were and how amazingly well they balanced the sound of a dance band perfectly. Not once were the drums over bearing, was the bass deafening as to feel like 100 bees were attacking your ear lobes or was lead singer John Parkinson’s voice ever disappearing under a wall of sound. The venue and the acoustics were absolutely spot on for a band of this calibre and it really just sounded like the band just waltzed up on stage put their record on, pressed play and mimed the whole show. It definitely made the show that much better, and definitely added to the club-night aesthetic that the band was going for on-stage. Okay, end rant.


World’s End Press were unreal. And, to be honest, I’m actually baffled as to why they’re not bigger and more famous then they are. I’m stunned as to why I had to explain to people who they actually were and what their sound is and be genuinely surprised when people hadn’t heard of them. If you’re reading this and you also don’t know what they sound like then imagine if ‘Nu-Disco’ was a human being who decided to have a couple of drinks with New Order and the Pet Shop Boys, who then also decided to invite John Maus over last minute, if he brought pizza; and you’re somewhat getting an idea of their sound.

Every stroke of a synth key, embellished high-hat hit and guitar note was met perfectly with a spectacular small light show, hair flick, pout and wail from spirited lead singer John Parkinson who carried the whole set dancing as frantically as the crowd. The rest of the band were just as equally mesmerizing, with special shout out to drummer Tom Gould, who is a funk master on the drums not missing a single beat, embellishment or fill keeping everyone’s feet tapping and jiving to the hectic jungle beats and soul grooves.


There was very little banter from the band if any, except to explain if the next song would be new and really I was glad, because there didn’t need to be anything to distract us all from having too much fun dancing along. The flow from one track to the next was seamless and kept the crowd bouncing from side to side, with track after track just getting better and better.

World’s End Press really should be to 2014 what Cut Copy was to 2008, because they have to be one of the tightest live dance/nu-disco bands that actually sound better than their record. The crowd was pretty much prepared to dance their asses off from the get go and dance we all did with the venue turning into a little rave hall making it impossible to not lose yourself and flay your hands from side to side. They played all their ‘hits’ from their latest 2013 self-titled release like To Send Our Love, Someone’s Daddy, Reformation Age and Drag Me Home which went absolutely off, as well new funky disco jams that are yet to be released. I’m sorry I can’t remember what Parkinson said they were called I was too busy shuffling around remarking, “They’re so good!” over and over to anyone who would listen. Each chorus was met to an absolute anthem sing along from the crowd who genuinely looked devastated when they band finished their last song.


Worlds End Press will be playing Good God in Sydney and Alhambra in Brisbane, before wrapping up their tour at NYE On The Hill in Wonthaggi.

These guys deserve to be huge, and if they ever play a venue near you – do not hesitate to go along.

© Jess Brohier

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