Death From Above 1979 release first single in a decade

The year 2004 was a very fun year for me. I was in the whirlwind of year 9, skipping French class to head to band practice. I also donned the nickname of “Moses”, don’t ask me why. Then outside of my small little world, much greater occurrences were taking place. Justin Timberlake flashed Janet Jackson’s tit at the Superbowl, Evanescence won a Grammy, a little television program called Friends got axed after its pilot episode…? And Death From Above 1979 released their offering, You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine; the last that fans were to see of the band. That is, until now.

Staying true to their sound, DFA1979 have released Trainwreck 1979, the first single off their forthcoming record The Physical World. The single sees Jessie and Sebastian stay true to their original ways whilst integrating new facets to bring freshness to a well-loved sound. Fans old and new are rejoicing, and we’re hell stoked on the forthcoming arrival of this new album from the boys. And who knows, perhaps even a tour?

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