Dub Thompson

When tripping on acid just isn’t enough, sometimes you just need a soundtrack to accompany that state of mind. Creating an extremely early-Beck-esque vibe, Dub Thompson use their instrumentals to confuse the listener…in the best of senses.

With their track Dograces and an instrumental arrangement of stark variety, the duo from Agoura Hills have brought back rough guitar (it never really left, did it?), fused it with synth, a dirty heavy backbeat and some distorted vocals. The result? One YouTube listener described the sound as “Mellow gold era Beck meets The Fall meets late 60’s psych rock. What the fuck”, with another one exclaiming that “dub thompson are just retarded idiots”. No matter which side of the fence that you’re sitting on, though, you can’t say that the track isn’t catchy. Have a listen for yourself and make up your own mind.

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