Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar – ‘Never Catch Me’

One of the most highly sought after collaborations finally dropped this year, and it’s fresh as all hell. Legendary producer Flying Lotus aka Captain Murphy (or Steven Ellison as he is better known to his loved ones) has finally teamed up with everyone’s favourite rapper, Kendrick Lamar aka KDot to deliver what is arguably one of this year’s best partnerships.

The simple fact is that the track uses the best of both artists’ talents – combining Lotus‘ undeniable production techniques combined with KDot‘s ridiculous rapping talent. The beat is smooth yet manic, as the layers blend with one another – seeming to gradually fasten as the song goes on; KDot’s rap style flowing perfectly with the music.

Appearing on Flying Lotus‘ upcoming LP You’re Dead, the single is a perfect introduction for what is to come for the producer – and perhaps even the rapper himself?

Pump the speakers and check that shit out below.


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