GUM announces debut album details

Jay Watson is one busy, green, human-sized piece of clay. The supremely talented 23-year-old has somehow found time in between handling guitar/vocal duties for two of the biggest bands in the country (Tame Impala and Pond), to record an album all of his own which is now ready for release. Performing under the alias GUM (short for Gumby), Watson is set to be releasing his debut solo record Delorean Highway through Spinning Top’s brand new record label. Spinning Top, the management company that also supports Watson’s hugely popular bands, have launched their own label in order to bring Australia, and the world, more of the unbelievable talent out of sunny Perth.

The first cut from the album is the title track, Delorean Highway, which Watson has revealed was inspired by a dream he had of driving through the desert in the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to The Future, before taking off into the night.

His solo sounds don’t fall far from the psychedelic branches of his other bands. His spaced-out vocals sail over outstretched synth lines and fuzzy guitars before the tempo amps up, soaring into moments of euphoric dream-pop.

The album was recorded down the road from the famous Cottesloe Beach, WA – surroundings which are definitely expressed in the music. GUM‘s songs contain the effortless build up of a wave before it crashes; with magnificent velocity into the shore or, in this case, the ears of an unsuspecting listener.

Delorean Highway will be released digitally in its full 10-track glory on May 30, and on vinyl in June.

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