Kate Tempest, the new Jamie T?

We have a new scallywag in town and she has released one of the best rap albums of the year. Kate Tempest, the freakishly talented rapper/poet from South London, has already won awards (2013 Ted Hughes Award for Young Poets) for her amazing poems/plays on life in England. Her rhymes are reminiscent of our old mates Jamie T and The Streets‘ Mike Skinner in their ability to completely warp your brainwaves with theirs as they stare down London’s streets at the bevy of characters and events that take place day after day. In the same way Biggie was able to do it about Brooklyn, you are given the most honest perspective, and the way she raps, its not as if she’s telling you about this London life, it’s as if she is involving you, innit.

Tempest started her career over a decade ago as a sixteen year-old performing at spoken word nights around London and has already released an album titled Balance (2011) with electronic/rap group Sound of Rum, but now is her time. Her debut solo album, Everybody Down, has just dropped on May 19 with her label Big Dada, describing the album as “twelve chapters that tell one long, inspired story…the result is a revelation.” Until you listen to her, you have absolutely no idea what you are in for, Tempest‘s skills are remarkable. Your move Jamie bruv.

Get your hands on Everybody Down through iTunes Ninjashop

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