Kele Okereke Releases New Sensual Single Coasting

Bloc Party frontman and solo artist extraodinaire, Kele Okereke is back with a brand new sensual single, Coasting. The minimal beats of the track flow perfectly with Okereke’s whimsical vocals, as he expresses ‘Falling into you’ / ‘It’s a Saturday night when I’m with you’. The track is cute, it’s fun, it’s cheekily romantic – and it’s definitely a late night/early morning club banger to have playing in the background as you peck the lips of your significant other, or even one night stand.

Okereke himself sums up the track perfectly on his Facebook page: “Coasting is one of the tracks I’m most proud of on the record. It’s the story about the first moments of a relationship, when there is no pressure and no demands.”

Kele Okereke‘s new album Trick is out October 14. Not long to go now!

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