Kendrick Lamar drops new single ‘i’

The time has finally arrived! Everyone’s favourite Compton rap master is back with his much anticipated new single i. And we tell you now, it’s nothing that you would have expected – or maybe it is…


The track opens with music that you may recognise from a little movie called Anchorman…? For those playing at home, it’s legendary classic song That Lady by The Isley Brothers. It’s definitely played in the film when Veronica Corningstone enters the news station for the first time.

Kdot shreds through the backing music with his absolutely ridiculous rhymes and flow. It’s funky, it’s classic, it’s OG. It’s everything that you need from a tune and more!

Counting down the days/hours/minutes/seconds until we hear more from Kendrick. But, for now, it’s just this on repeat. Not that we’re complaining.

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