Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (2014)

Well slap an afro on my head and hook me up with some hectic bellbottoms. The funky funk is back!

Producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson has just released the first single off his forthcoming LP Uptown Special, and it is a funk masterpiece. The track titled Uptown Funk is a delicious time warp back to the 60s, and although I personally wasn’t alive back then, it is a decade that I base my entire life on.

This song, well, it is perfect. And seriously, for me to admit to liking – let alone loving – a song with Bruno Mars in it, it has to be a solid track. I dare you to listen to this without having a cheeky boogie!

And if this track wasn’t enough to get our senses tingling on this Monday evening, the news that Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker will be joining Ronson on numerous tracks on this record has just put the cherry on top of the day. I’m sorry, have I died and gone to my own personal musical heaven? I think so.

Take a listen to the tune here, and have yourself a little disco wherever you are.

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