Mark Ronson feat. Kevin Parker – Daffodils (2014)

If Mark Ronson wasn’t on fire enough with his latest funk-drenched and aptly named track, Uptown Funk (which sees a side to Bruno Mars that I never knew existed – and I like it); the New York-based producer dropped another song that will sure to get your funky-psychedelic juices flowing.

Featuring Australia’s alt-psych king and frontman of Tame Impala, Kevin Parker, Daffodils continues the motif that we can only imagine will repeat itself amongst the rest of Ronson’s forthcoming release. Parker will also feature on two other tracks on the record.

Due for release in late January, Uptown Special will surely bring Ronson back into the limelight where he belongs. And if these two released tracks are at all indicative of what we are to expect from the rest of the album, we know that it’s going to be something truly special.

Take a listen to Daffodils below.

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