MOVIE – Tusk Vegas Single (2014)

Dripping in indie-pop goodness, MOVIE‘s Tusk Vegas is everything that this year could have asked for and more, and it’s definitely getting us excited for what else we may expect from the band! If this track is anything to go by, we know that we definitely won’t be disappointed.

Almost unfathomable to switch off after just one listen, the song resonates well with the upcoming Summer playlists that many will create as they plan their roadtrips, getaways and BBQs.

Delving into the track, it’s hard not to indulge comparisons – the vocal similarities to Cake, whilst the music runs parallel to something a la Franz Ferdinand; a comparison that even the film clip provides proof for. But this, by no stretch of the imagination, is to say that these comparisons are a negative thing. Where both aforementioned bands are synonymous with their own individualised je ne sais quoi, so to does MOVIE. It’s hard to not see that.

I see big things from these London lads, and I surely hope that you do to.

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