Pond release new single, Elvis’ Flaming Star

Pond have everything. Killer tunes, completely incomparable stage presence, and some gnarly personalities to match. Watching these dudes live is an experience. I still distinctly remember spending one very, very hot night last December watching them tear the Corner Hotel a new ass hole. They know what the people want and they know how to give it to them.

All of this being said, it is with the greatest of pleasures that we welcome their new single into our lives. Staying true to their raging psychedelia whilst incorporating evident 80s vibes, Elvis’ Flaming Star sees the Perth outfit doing exactly what they do best. It’s hard not to think “New Order” when listening to the track, if even for a moment. The single is the first to be released from their forthcoming LP, Man, It Feels Like Space Again.

Check it out here.

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