POND – Sitting Up On Our Crane

Well well, if it isn’t our favourite personified acid trip. POND have only today released the video for the second offering off their forthcoming record, Man It Feels Like Space Again.

Sitting Up On Our Crane delves into the idea of being placed in dangerous, compromising situations. Inspired by youthful trips to unmanned construction sites where the band would climb cranes, songwriter Jay Watson states, “We’d sit at the top and I’d always be afraid that we were gonna fall off, kill ourselves. That’s what that song’s about. Kind of an anxiety power ballad.”

Because they are – above all else – just really fucking great humans, the POND dudes are offering Sitting Up On Our Crane as a free download to all fans via their official website, www.pondband.net. The offer is only for a limited time, though, so you’d be an idiot to waste any time letting this opportunity slip through your fingers. After all, everyone loves free shit – especially if it’s as satisfying as this.

Just to add to the great news, there isn’t much longer left before the world gets to experience the bands forthcoming record. Man It Feels Like Space Again will be out January 23.

POND will bring the goods; donning themselves in some fresh attire and performing tracks off Man It Feels Like Space Again at Beyond The Valley Music Festival and Lost Paradise over new years, as well as performing national Laneway Festival dates across January and February.

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