The Hills Are Alive! Announce 2015 Lineup

Looking to run for its seventh year, The Hills Are Alive! Music Festival has deliciously expanded, now adding in a second night to the festival. Probably because next year’s line-up is dripping in absolute gold! Twice as many good vibes and good times to be had, my friends.

The festival is as boutique as they come. Rather than everyone and anyone being able to access a past to the glorious private event, interested punters must be either invited by The Farmer, one of the bands, or a friend who has attended before. Once invited, you will be given the “Farmer’s secret password” which, in turn, will allow you access to purchase your pass or passes. This also gives you the ability to invite your own friends – but be sure to pick who you choose very, very carefully. As aptly stated on the official website, ‘Only invite those who will make yours and others’ experience more enjoyable’.


Just under a two hour drive from Melbourne, The Hills are Alive! will take place from Friday March 27 – Sunday March 29 on “The Farm”. For more information, click here to head to the official website.


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