Third Man Records’ Ultra LP


It looks like Third Man Records are about to do it again with their next highly-anticipated record release. Lazaretto will be the follow-up solo effort from the label’s founder, Jack White, and will contain a few extra tidbits for vinyl fans (new and old) to play around with.

They’ve called it the Ultra LP. In a video featuring Jack himself, as well as co-founder Ben Blackwell, they showcase all the features that make it so very ultra. And the list is long.

Some of the stand-out features include locked groove ends that will continuously play until you remove the needle. Then there are hidden tracks under the centre labels that play at different speeds. There is something called “Dual Groove Technology”, which – depending on where the needle is dropped – will play either an acoustic or electric intro for the track Just One Drink, with the grooves eventually meeting and becoming one glorious track. There are different mixes and running orders. Side B will be in a matte finish, while Side A plays from the inside out. And there are other more technical features, but perhaps it’s best to let the experts explain those ones.

If this sounds like your idea of a good time, they are now taking pre-orders, so be sure to jump on it.

Of course, if it’s a bit too much, you can check it out in the other usual (perhaps less exciting) formats. Look out for it after June 6 in Australia.

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