Vicious Children is an online media publication which features music writing and reviews. We’re predominantly based in Melbourne, but cover events and music released globally.

Born out of love and boredom, Vicious Children is something that we hold very dear to our hearts. “Just another music blog” to you, the largest of forest trees to us. A lot of people have a lot of ideas; some of which are seen through, and others that fall to their ass. We won’t lie, at one stage we were questioning if all of this stress was worth it. Now we realise that we’d be stupid if we let all of that hard work go to waste…And now we’re here.

Stay! Relax! Have a peruse! Got something to say? Get at us: hey@viciouschildren.com.

We’re not as big as Oprah…yet. Even Drake, at one stage in his life (probably during his time at Degrassi High) started from the bottom.


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