Art of Sleeping – Crazy (2014)

If after watching Channel [V]’s vision of One Direction fans being asked ARIA trivia questions during the ARIA red carpet, you wept for days whilst clutching your very first copy of Frogstomp and your favourite Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album, you are not alone. I too lost the will to live when one such fan stated, “I don’t like Australian music.” Clearly these kids need a little education. They need a little Crazy.

Art of Sleeping give us Crazy - the first single off their forthcoming album due out early next year. The Brisbane five-piece provide another brilliant example of how spoilt for great music we are in this country (you listening kids?). Crazy is another quality offering of solid indie rock from the band who brought us their great EP, Like A Thief.

The song opens with front man Caleb Hodges delivering incredibly sweet vocals with just a pinch of fragility, accompanied by a single guitar. The reverb seems to embrace the vocals, taking them to deliver the next part of the story. Then, the verses are punctuated by heavier guitar and loud, crashing cymbals giving the song just that bit of edginess and adding to the desperation in the lyrical story.

Hodges’ vocals are sublime. Throughout the piece he bestrides vulnerability, burden and a little insanity, changing his vocal expression throughout, adding power as the song builds to its exhilarating end.

So much about this song is noteworthy; the irresistible chorus, the steady build, the short but necessary solo. I can already imagine it live. But what impresses me most about this track is that it is a clear indication that there are exciting things to come from this band. Crazy is written by a band who continues to grow in their musical ability and song writing sophistication.

If this track is anything to go by, Art of Sleeping’s forthcoming album should be a cracker! In the meantime, check out their Like a Thief EP, listen out for more tunes from the Brissy lads and definitely get a little Crazy.

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