Càbãnå – Done As Dinner and Debut EP (2014)

Need an excuse to do The Carlton Dance? Pfft, who am I kidding? When do you ever need a reason? But if you do, all you have to do is put on Càbãnå‘s newly released, self-titled, debut EP and you’ll be swinging those hips and clicking your fingers in no time!

Let’s get straight to it. The debut single Done As Dinner is the definite highlight. Applying the word ‘catchy’ would probably be an understatement. The Melbourne lads totally hook you in with an irresistible, repetitive guitar riff that just burrows in like the most persistent little earworm. The song’s energetic tempo plays the perfect partner, daring you not to feel euphoric.

Done As Dinner comes complete with a new video clip. As a music industry student and a contributor to a music publication I probably shouldn’t say this, but… I hate music video clips. There are so few good ones and so many bad ones. Half of them don’t make any sense and the other half just look like really bad amateur porn. But I have to say that the clip for Done As Dinner is actually pretty fun. It has a warming, homemade, retro feel and actually seems to compliment the song. Result!

Teach Me How To Swim follows Done as Dinner and whilst it’s not as hectic, it manages to carry the energy through. This time it’s the humming synth that combines with the sweet guitar hooks to deliver a fun pop track.

From The Floor is next and up goes the tempo. The intro is a little misleading, making you think it’s going to be a bit of a slow bop, but then it just takes off.

Attic Us rounds out the EP. It begins with a strange little intro before punching straight into the beat. It’s a bit more laid back than the other tracks, but has beautiful lift in the chorus. And I think I even heard a little cowbell in there.

Càbãnå’s EP has a fabulous ‘fun with friends feel’ and has you bopping all the way through. They have managed to put enough diversity in the tracks to make them interesting and at the same time permeate each song with a discernible style and energy. So overall, not bad lads, not bad at all.

Càbãnå are supporting Hey Geronimo this Thursday December 11 at The Northcote Social Club.

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