Circa Waves – Young Chasers (2015)

Days are shorter, there’s a chill in the air. The ominous signs of the slithering creep of the miserable Melbourne winter. But don’t despair; Circa Waves are in the air.

British indie-rock band, Circa Waves, hit us with their debut album Young Chasers. This 13-track album is likely to shake the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) right off you! The reason? You know those times you feel deliriously happy? Like at happy hour at your favourite pub after your last day of work before a two week summer road trip with your nutbag mates. Well, that’s what pretty much most of the tracks on Young Chasers are like.

Opening track, Get Away, is joyfully upbeat and just takes you away. If you weren’t dancing before you played this track, you sure as shit would be now.  T-Shirt Weather is next in line and pulls back on the frantic pace just a little. Then, they pick up the pace and by the chorus its back to dancin’. The third track, Fossils continues that familiar upbeat energy.

Lost It is timed well in that it has a slower, easier kind of feel so provides a little bit of variety. It also has a lovely easy pop feel (in a good way). And then the vibe is upped again with My Love. Enter Deserve This – a delightful, cruisy song. There’s a distinct change in the vocals and the change in pace allows you to absorb the lyrics. The slightly more aggressive Young Chasers follows and despite the rise in aggression, the track still bears the mark of Circa Waves with its energetic happiness.

Good for me has an interesting beginning and you think it might be going somewhere different but then it goes straight back into the very familiar feel of the other songs. Stuck In My Teeth, Best Years and The Luck Has Gone all continue along the upbeat vibe of the earlier songs.

So long has a refreshing beginning, helping to differentiate it from the other tracks a little and the final track, Talking Out Load is nicely placed with its change in pace – a good way to finish off the album.

There is not a bad song on this album. Individually, each track is strong and most are ridiculously energetic. But collectively is where Young Chasers falters somewhat. It’s lacking the variety you need to maintain the listener’s attention and really round out the album. Given this lack of variety, I’m not sure 13 songs were necessary.

But this shouldn’t put you off. The song writing and delivery of the songs on this album is strong and there are plenty of entertaining tracks. And the minute you hear them, you know these songs will deliver live. After all, that’s where it counts most.

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