Dan Sultan – Dirty Ground EP

Dan Sultan - Dirty Ground EP (2014)

Dan Sultan’s latest EP Dirty Ground is in no way dirty. Through the EP’s six tracks Sultan bares his soul with an acoustic backing and outstanding vocals.

The EP really comes across as the definition of a solo outing. It is just Sultan and his guitar, or in one case a piano. The guitar work is understated, but works for Sultan’s relaxed sound. This is really a collection of songs that would go great with a hangover.

Comparatively, Dirty Ground differs from earlier releases. It perhaps lends itself more to Sultan’s folk and country influences.

Lyrically, each song is well written. They have a timeless feel about them and would be at home sung around a camp fire. The guitar intro on the title track in particular has a great little melody.

The stand out track is the final song ‘Gullible Few’. This is mainly due to the fact it has a piano accompaniment and his voice is really complimented by the instrument. The vocals cut through the backing, making it a powerful track to finish on.

One complaint about the new EP is that the tracks sound very similar. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it would be nice to see that amazing voice used in a different manner from time to time.

Ultimately the six songs that make up Dirty Ground are very calming to listen to and will be a joy for fans of Sultan.

After having seen the man live a few times and then listening to this latest offering there is one thing that is evident about Dan Sultan… He seems like a really nice guy.

Dan Sultan will commence the Dirty Ground tour in Australia from February 19th.

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