Jack White – Lazaretto (2014)

The most important thing to know before listening to Jack White’s latest offering is that it’s not as heavy as you may expect. Or maybe that’s just the ignorant mistake that I made (yet again) by making assumptions based on the tracks that came out before the album’s release. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not to say the album is a miss. It’s very much the opposite. But one does not get called “the Willy Wonka of rock ‘n’ roll” for nothing, so I don’t know why I was expecting some sort of Dead Weather-ish sounding album instead of the wonderfully surprising mix that came together with a little help from his 19-year-old self.

Lazaretto kicks off with the hard-hitting Three Women; an ode to a track of a similar name by Blind Willie McTell (and of course White’s trademark number). This sets the scene for the rest of the album which is filled with tales of relationship woes, heartache, and frustration with the world around him, all combined with rock, blues and a dash of country.

Each track on Lazaretto offers something different, and it may take a few listens to understand what it’s all about. Its arrogance and imperfections feel familiar of what is expected from Jack White. The combination of everything mentioned is what makes it so great, though, and has resulted in an album that is definitely worth a listen, or three. 

Three Picks: Three Women, Would You Fight For My Love?, That Black Bat Licorice

Jack White‘s Lazaretto receives 4 V’s out of 5.

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