Lillie Mae Rische – Nobody’s (2014)

Picture this. Looming deadline. Attempts to meet deadline failing. Shit buzz. Cut to frantically trying to source a suitable non-gender specific gift for a new born that doesn’t make you puke. Can’t. Suitably pissed you storm through the CBD, narrowly missing the infuriating dawdlers and path invaders. Shuffle changes the song on your phone. Suddenly, your pace slows. Annoyance subsiding, your scowl softens. You no longer want to roundhouse kick people in the head. What’s the source of this transformation…? Nobody’s.

Lillie Mae Rische gives us her single Nobody’s. In doing so, Rische joins the incredibly diverse range of artists to have contributed to the Third Man Records Blue Series. The Blue Series is a series of recordings where artists travelling through Nashville are invited to stop and record a song or two, produced by Jack White. These songs are then made available on 7” vinyl and digitally. The cover photos for the recordings are then taken in Third Man’s ‘blue room’ photo studio/live venue.

If you’re a Jack White fan, you’ll already be familiar with Lillie Mae Rische. For those who aren’t, aside from many other accomplishments, she provided vocals, fiddle and mandolin on White’s Lazaretto, and has been the constantly fabulous fiddle fixture in White’s live band. Now here she is…front and centre.


Straight off the bat, the tonal moodiness of the steel guitar in Nobody’s introduces you to a sense of melancholy. But you’re not quite sure if that’s what it really is. Beautifully placed in the mix, the steel guitar takes its place in the holy trinity of this piece, alongside the fiddle and Rische’s vocals, directing the musical story. Adding to the bittersweet atmosphere of Nobody’s is Rische’s ever-present fiddle. Although used sparingly in the track, its points of presence are rich and effective.

Rische’s vocals on this track are killer! Seasoned, poignant and sweet as damn honey. Perfectly crafted, she uses peaks and troughs to illustrate the story and her little yodel damn near breaks your heart. At first listen, you could be forgiven for thinking the lyrical story is just another sad country song. But you soon realise that there is more to it. There is a rather despondent character in the lyrics but you know it’s not all bad, there’s something else, something almost pragmatic.

The ending of Nobody’s is brilliant. Rische eloquently extending the last ‘nobody’s’ before she delivers the final knockout blow with her bare vocals.

And the cover! Flawless. Visually stunning, and like the track, showcases Rische in a way that draws you to listen.

Nobody’s is a sensational track and Rische is outstanding. I would definitely recommend a listen no matter what your personal taste. After all, a good track is a good track. Let’s hope Nobody’s is the precursor to more from Rische.

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  1. A breath giving beauty of a track that leaves you wanting more. Please.

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