Teen Sensations – Monster Beach Party

Hands up who likes surf pop! Well if you don’t, after a few plays of Monster Beach Party you sure will. The latest single from Brisbane four-piece outfit Teen Sensations is perfectly timed for Halloween, and just a whole lotta fun, fun, fun!

Monster Beach Party is an infectious mix of spook and goof conjuring descriptors like Monster Mash meets The Beach Boys. But don’t be fooled into under-appreciating the song by the seeming playfulness of it (and the band who list their interests as ‘Surfing, girls, drag racing their T-birds, goin’ steady, Cherry Coke, being a real neat-o-gang’). This is a well-crafted tune executed by musicians who clearly know how to play a song or two. Teen Sensations are Jeremy Neale (Jerry Sensation), George Browning (Georgie Sensation), Yuri Johnson (Your Sensation), and Corey Herekiuha (Corky Sensation).

The track opens and you instantly feel at ease with sweet, clean vocals and dreamy surf sounds. As the song transitions into the familiar rhythmic, chugging of the guitar, you feel like you know what’s coming next. And you kind of do. A recognisable, pop structure with a repetitive, catchy chorus; an irresistible vocal melody, and a laid back surf beat. Before you know it, you’re humming along and tapping your foot because you just can’t help it!

What I love about Monster Beach Party is the contrast. The music delivers images of crashing waves, tanned surfers and soft sand, drenched in copious amounts of glorious sunshine. But the imagery in the lyrics is more like Hotel Transylvania. Ghouls, zombies, vampires, werewolves, and mummies are the guests at this party. And it’s indoors. At night.

No doubt Monster Beach Party will become a Halloween classic but in the meantime, add it to your playlist and it will have you doing the Stomp in no time.

Catch Teen Sensation on their upcoming tour:

Saturday, November 29 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane – with Love Signs
Friday, December 5 – The Gallery Bar, Sydney- withThe Electric Vogues & Dr. Spaceman (7″ Launch)
Saturday, December 6 – The Toff, Melbourne (7″ Launch)
Thursday, December 11 – Alhambra Lounge with Pluto Jonze (7″ Launch).

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