The Grates – Dream Team

Dream Team is the latest offering from The Grates. Besides returning to their trio-roots, welcoming new drummer Ritchie Daniell – who just so happens to be barista at original members’ Patience and John’s café in Brisbane – it also seems as though the band have returned to their earlier years, playing with a very EP sound on this new record.

As a long-time listener and follower of The Grates, this album is far less of what I’m used to. It seems that the band are utilising more of their very raw, garage-style demo beginnings. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Whatever they seem to touch, they make their own gold.

The release sees frontwoman Patience sing about the highs and lows of a relationship. There are as many songs to dance to – such as Call MeDirty Hands and I Wish I Was Alone - as there are to get you thinking and calmly swaying I’m Staying and What’s Wrong With You. Or maybe the whole “swaying calmly” thing was just me?

For newer fans of The Grates, this album may come as a bit of a shock. But you needn’t fear, my friends. Their trademark joyful pop sound still very much exists in this album. It has just as much pop-punk, stripped-back thrash as it does bops.

Admittedly, it did take a few listens for it to truly click with me. But with every listen, so too grew my fondness of the record. Given the chance, Dream Team will appeal to fans new and old.

Rating: 3.5 VCs/5.

Release Date: Pick it up now!

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