The Reprobettes – The Reprobettes

The Reprobettes self titled album delivers all the femtastic rock&roll sounds you could possibly hope for. Their danger infused 11 track album is sure to be a hit with fans of the surf rock renaissance.From the get-go it has a familiar theme, that of danger. Each girl adopts (I believe) the persona of wanted criminals which adds to their fun vibe and just a bit of sex appeal.

The five-piece Melbourne outfit deliver some really great tracks which should make it onto any self respecting rockabilly surfer’s summer playlist.  Aside from fitting snugly into the surf genre there are also garage rock elements to their sound, which really shine through on the album’s final track StengunThe Reprobettes have fantastic energy which is expressed through screeching vocals and fuzzy guitars. Part of the allure to their tracks, particularly on Suicide Tuesday, are the mesmerizing bass lines. Also, any fan of 60s music will find those keys hard to resist.

Catchy guitar riffs accentuate each track and make the album come together nicely. There are also some very cool tones coming through which pay tribute to the decade that clearly inspires the band. The vocals are at times reminiscent of The B-52’s and really come together when the girls throw all their voices into the mix. When the songs break down into organised chaos and the girls start screaming, howling and producing feedback, they show they have what it takes to make it in the garage surf genre.

Highlights of the album are Reprobettes Theme, Suicide Tuesday ( it has some seriously killer vocals) and Danger! Okay, nearly got through an entire review without likening the album to a Tarantino soundtrack… let’s not break with tradition. This album totally has a Tarantino vibe, which makes it good enough to chain smoke Red Apples to at a Big Kahuna Burger.

Try and see this local Melbourne band live if you get the chance, they deliver an extremely fun set and will quench all your 60s cravings.

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