The Trotskies – DYR Single

DYR is the first single from the upcoming EP of five-piece Melbourne indie band, The Trotskies. Let me just say upfront what a beautifully dark joy it is! At a time when, let’s face it, synth can be tragically overused, The Trotskies give us a lesson in how to do it right.

When they said they listen endlessly to 70’s and 80’s post punk, they weren’t kidding. When listening to DYR, you can just imagine The Trotskies playing in some awesome, underground club with oh-so-cool kids Siouxsie Sioux, Kim Gordon and Robert Smith in the front row. But “DYR” is too good a song to be confined to a scene; it’s a quality song that stands on its own.

The first 30 seconds of DYR hook you and you can’t help but be drawn in, mesmerised, feeling like you’re about to find out what’s behind the door to the forbidden room. The song cleverly starts to build with more layers of sound before suddenly stripping back and settling in. And then come the vocals; Jack Rudich’s dark and dreamy voice, whilst only present for just over a minute of the almost five minute song, adds another rich element to this solid piece.

Darker and grittier than earlier offerings from the band, they’ve avoided a typical song structure, opting instead to let the music rise and fall, continually building the sound before stripping it back again. The marriage between the synth and the repetitive, droning guitars is striking and devastatingly effective. But the part that brings it all together for me? Smart drumming. Simple and solid, with brilliant use of the cymbals and infrequent, well placed, short fills. The perfect example of less is more.

If I were a music publicist, I’d be looking for a song like this. DYR would be just as at home on the soundtrack of a brilliantly written, cult classic as an edgy, in-your-face blockbuster.

DYR is out now.

Hear DYR live at The Trotskies “DYR: Single Launch Tour:

Saturday, November 29 -The Workers Club, Melbourne – with JP Klipspringer
Friday, December 5 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane – with The Furrs
Saturday, December 6 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney – with Tim Fitz

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