Mia Dyson – Idyllwild Single (2014)

Mia Dyson, Australian blues/roots singer-songwriter, released her second single from her fifth LP Idyllwild, which was released June 2014 [Independent/MGM]. Dyson was previously nominated for numerous ARIA Awards since the 2003 release of her debut album Cold Water. And her previous album Parking Lots won  “Best Blues & Roots album” at the 2005 ARIA Awards.

“Idyllwild” acts as the gateway for the rest of the album as the first track. It’s got an organic movement, and fits in with Dyson’s own description of the ambiance surrounding the song, “frenetic” and “high-spirited”, full of promise and promise for the future. It’s got vigorous and strong vocals, thumping percussion and don’t get us started on the organs.

When Dyson spoke with Tone Deaf about the album way back in June, she gave a rundown of Idyllwild as a celebration of life, after a post-wedding drive to the mountains: “I got hitched not that long ago at the Los Angeles county courthouse and afterwards, we found ourselves driving up into the mountains to this little town called Idyllwild, sort of laying our decision out there and celebrating in the natural world. It was a surreal, utopian journey and out of it came this frenetic, high-spirited song, stylistically influenced by bands from my 80s childhood like Elvis Costello & Talking Heads.”

Dyson has also just announced she will be performing at Woodford Folk Festival in December. Dyson is now based in Los Angeles and is currently midway through a homecoming tour promoting Idyllwild.

We will be having a chat with Mia Dyson soon, so come back to hear what she’s got in store for the rest of 2014.

Tour Dates:

Wednesday, October 1: Live at Lizottes (solo), Kincumber
Thursday, October 2: Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Friday, October 3: Live at Lizottes, Lambton
Thursday, October 9: Harvester Moon, Bellarine
Friday, October 10: Howler, Melbourne
Saturday, October 11: Caravan Club, Melbourne
Sunday, October 12: Old Hepburn Springs, Hepburn Springs
Thursday, October 16: Darwin Railway Club, Darwin
Friday, October 17: Darwin Railway Club, Darwin
Friday, November 21: New Globe Theatre, Brisbane

Woodford Folk Festival: www.woodfordfolkfestival.com
Website: miadyson.com

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